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Biodegradable & Compostable Bags

100% Compostable reusable bags

Compostable & biodegradable Post bags from Huawei offer a comprehensive selection of label and postal bags with superior quality. Carefully designing postal bags of various sizes and labels。

We are committed to providing you with high-quality products to bring you a better shopping experience.

1. Compostable & biodegradable Postal Bags With Self Adhesive Strip, Firmly Locked After Sealed, Strong Adhesion. Easy to Stick an Address Label.

2.Shipping Bags for Business and Private use, to Mail Out Your Goods and Items, to Your Customers, Family or Friends, in a Safe and Secure Way.

3.Opaque Postage Bags Opaque Materials Convenient for Protect Your Privacy With a Professional Appearance. Light and Durable, Lighter than the Box, So it can Save more Shipping Costs.

Product Description

Compostable Bags Wholesale

Compostable bags are environmentally friendly packaging options that can be used as an alternative to traditional plastic bags. These bags are made frombiodegradable materials, which means they break down naturally and turn into compost when disposed of in the right conditions.


Biodegradable: Compostable bags are made from materials that naturally break down over time, turning into compost when exposed to the right conditions, such as in a composting facility.

Eco-Friendly Materials: They are typically manufactured using renewable resources, such as cornstarch, sugarcane, or other plant-based materials, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Reduced Environmental Impact: By using compostable bags, businesses and consumers can minimize their contribution to plastic pollution and reduce their carbon footprint.

Suitable for Home Composting: Compostable bags are often designed to break down in both industrial composting facilities and home compost piles, making them convenient for eco-conscious consumers.

Similar Performance to Plastic: Some compostable bags offer comparable strength and durability to traditional plastic bags, providing adequate protection for shipping goods.

Customizable: Compostable bags can be manufactured in various sizes and designs, allowing businesses to personalize them with branding or specific messages.

Low-toxicity Ink: If printed, compostable bags typically use low-toxicity or water-based inks, further enhancing their environmental friendliness.

Versatile Applications: Compostable bags can be used for shipping various products, including clothing, books, cosmetics, and other non-fragile items.

What makes compostable bags eco-friendly?

Our Compostable Bags Wholesale are made from PLA plastic, or polyactic acid. This is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic materials as PLA production uses 65% less energy than producing traditional plastics and creates 68% fewer greenhouse gasses. PLA is also made from renewable resources and is biodegradable, as it will completely break down in the right environment. Huawei’s plant bags are a great alternative in the fight against traditional virgin plastic packaging.


What's your main products?

Starch based biodegradable & Compostable resin

CaCo3 based biodegradable & Compostable resin


Biodegradable & compostable BAG.

What We Test?

Film: Tear resistance, Impact resistance, Elongation, Strength, Formulation

Cutlery: Compressive extension and rigidity, both in and out of hot water.

Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?

We can offer free samples, you just need to collect the freight cost.

Can I customize on the products or package?

Yes, we accept customization requirements on product size, logo, package and so on.

What's your payment terms?

Generally 30% deposit paid by T/T before production, 70% balance paid before shipping or on B/L (depending on the specific order amount.

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