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​Do You Really Need Compostable Bags For Your Food Scraps?

Jan. 12, 2024

Food waste should be packed in plastic bags and disposed of because most of it is a fluid or soft substance that is prone to decay and emits odors. Plastic bags can better store this waste. But when throwing away food waste in plastic bags, it is necessary to pour the food waste into the wet garbage bin, and the plastic bags need to be placed in the dry garbage bin.

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When using plastic bags to dispose of food waste, it is important to note that the food waste should be poured into the food waste bin, and it is best to put the plastic bags into other garbage bins. Because the nature of plastic bags belongs to dry waste, while leftover food waste belongs to wet waste, the final treatment methods for the two are different. So it's particularly troublesome to handle, and most people don't know how to handle it, so a large amount of plastic bags and kitchen waste are mixed and placed in the garbage dump. Our kitchen waste will degrade in a short period of time in a degraded environment, but traditional plastic bags take hundreds of years to degrade, causing a lot of pollution to the environment and causing great damage to the soil.


What are Household food waste(wet) and Residual waste(dry), and how are they classified?


Wet garbage is specifically divided into various vegetable leaves, fruit peels, scallions, biscuits, tomato sauce, eggshells, watermelon peels, potatoes, fish bones, sugarcane, corn, bones (chicken, duck, goose), shrimp shells, cakes, bread, strawberries, tomatoes, pears, crab shells, banana peels, chili peppers, chocolate, eggplants, pea peels, apples, and leaves. Except for leaves, most of the above are kitchen-generated garbage, commonly referred to as wet garbage. Traditional plastic bags belong to dry garbage.


So the question is, the ordinary plastic garbage bags containing wet garbage are subdivided into dry garbage, which means that the plastic garbage bags containing wet garbage can not be thrown into the wet garbage bins, and you need to throw the wet garbage bags into the dry garbage bins, which is the standard garbage classification.


Can the biodegradable compostable garbage bags currently on the market be thrown in the wet bin with wet garbage? The answer is that they can be thrown in the wet bin together.

Do You Really Need Compostable Bags For Your Food Scraps?cid=6 


Why? Because biodegradable compostable garbage bags are made from renewable resources (such as straw, corn starch, CaCo3, etc.) extracted from synthetic green materials made of products, are in natural or industrial composting conditions for 180 days degradation into carbon dioxide and water, can be turned into fertilizer, so food waste wet garbage and biodegradable compostable garbage bags together with the treatment are very suitable for the wet garbage and wet garbage bags thrown separately to solve the problem of the trouble.


In order to better solve the problem of waste classification and protect our environment, so it is recommended to use biodegradable plastic bags. The compostable bags produced by Huawei Company do this perfectly.

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