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Do You Know about Compost Products?

Sep. 20, 2023

Do you know about compost products?

The products produced by composting can be widely used, and composting products play an important role in soil improvement and fertilization, green substrate cultivation, crop quality improvement, and other aspects. During the long-term experimental demonstration and promotion process, technical personnel from the Beijing Cultivated Land Construction and Protection Center and the Beijing Grain Innovation Team have conducted detailed research.


Applying organic fertilizers can improve and fertilize soil in three aspects: physical, chemical, and biological: improving soil physical properties, increasing soil porosity, increasing soil aggregate content, and promoting soil water and fertilizer retention capacity; Improve soil chemical indicators, improve soil fertility, and enhance the availability of major nutrients in the soil. A large amount of nitrogen is converted into available forms, of which 10-15% is inorganic nitrogen, which can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops; Improving soil biological indicators, composting has brought in a large number of microorganisms with the ability to decompose cellulose, pectin, and protein. As an organic whole, it can promote soil nutrient cycling and enhance soil vitality.


At present, seedling cultivation and substrate cultivation mostly use peat as a non renewable substrate, mixed with a large amount of inorganic substances such as vermiculite and perlite. Long term application of a large amount of inorganic substances into the soil can irreversibly change soil properties and pose potential risks. The physical properties of the green cultivation substrate produced through compound composting products are between pure peat and commercial substrate (a mixture of peat); The green cultivation substrate contains higher nutrients, which can ensure the simultaneous and long-term nutrient supply of the substrate.

Do you know about compost products?

Our compostable products not only have good degradation performance, but also excellent physical and mechanical properties and processing performance, which can meet the application needs of different fields. At the same time, we also focus on product quality control and environmental standards, providing customers with safer and more reliable products and services.

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